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Anchor Landmark

Anchor Landmark

The Landmark retaining wall system from Anchor Wall Systems takes performance to new heights.

The Landmark system features the patented Zero Normal Load (ZNL)™ connection technology that consists of specially formed channels in the top surface of the blocks and PVC lock bars. The lock bars, which are easily inserted into the aligned channels in a course of blocks, mechanically clamp the geosynthetic reinforcement to the units.

The ZNL connection generates unsurpassed block-grid connection values, allowing designers to use 100 percent of the allowable design strength of the geosynthetic reinforcement. And, unlike other modular block systems, the highly efficient Landmark ZNL connection technology does not depend on the presence of blocks and weight above the point of connection. This is especially relevant in seismic areas where vertical accelerations can reduce the available confining stress.

Available in these colors:



Note: specialized colors or blends are available, contact your sales rep. today for more info.

- Full Unit –

Anchor Landmark Full
General Specs. U.S. Metric
Dimensions 15" x 8" x 12.625" or
15" x 8" x 11.875"
Weight 85 lbs.  37 kg
Coverage .83 square feet .077m2
Anchor Landmark Half
General Specs. U.S. Metric
Dimensions 7.5" x 8" x 12.187" or
7.5" x 8" 11.813"
Weight 50 lbs.  23 kg.
Coverage .415 square foot .039 m2
Anchor Landmark Cap
General Specs. U.S. Metric
Dimensions 3.75" x 17.25" x 10.375" 95mmx440mmx260mm
Weight 43 lbs. 20 kg.
Anchor Landmark Corner
General Specs. U.S. Metric
Dimensions 7.5" x 17.5" x 9" 190mmx445mmx225mm
Weight 87 lbs . 39 kg.
Coverage .91 square foot .084 m2
Anchor Landmark Foundation
General Specs. U.S. Metric
Dimensions 7.5" x 8" x 11.75" 190mmx200mmx298mm
Weight 48 lbs . 22 kg.
Coverage .415 square foot .039 m2
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